Audiences, Datafication and the Everyday

Audiences, datafication and the everyday: Challenges, ambitions and priorities for audience studies in datafied societies 

Welcome to the Audiences, Datafication and Everyday pre-conference for the ECC 2018, at Lugano, this autumn. A variety of fields have started critically examining what van Dijck (2014) has termed dataism, and the logic and consequences of big data in contemporary societies. This preconference aims to critically assess the repertories and readiness of audience studies – from its long histories of empirical interest in everyday practices and literacies – to chart out a roadmap for the field in the specific contexts that datafication presents. What empirical ambitions shall we pursue at the intersections of datafication and everyday life? What methodological approaches shall we adopt? Extending Sonia Livingstone’s now classical 2004 question, we ask – What is the audience researcher to do in a datafied age?

Date and Time: Wednesday the 31st of October, 0930-1700

Location: The premise of ECC. Room to be announced.

Organising team:

Ranjana Das (University of Surrey)

David Mathieu (Roskilde University)

Sponsor: Audience and Reception Studies section of ECREA